Spotlight on Success: Margarita Womack's DMV Business Show Appearance

    In the dynamic world of food entrepreneurship, stories of determination, creativity, and success continue to inspire us. Today, we're excited to shine a spotlight on Union Kitchen Member MasPanadas and its founder, Margarita Womack. Her recent appearance on The DMV Business Show is a testament to Margarita's incredible entrepreneurial journey, and the national brand that she has built. 

    Margarita joined our shared kitchen with the vision of becoming a caterer and sharing the flavors of her Colombian heritage. She began working with our team and pivoted to developing a CPG business through our Accelerator. Her goal? To share her passion for empanadas with the world in a convenient way that catered to busy people like herself. Crafting the perfect empanada, one that captures the essence of her native Colombia while catering to the local palate, was no small feat. Moreover, navigating the labyrinth of permits and licenses, which can be particularly daunting in the food industry, added layers of complexity to her journey.

    By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem, Margarita was able to navigate these challenges. She became a manufacturing expert in our shared kitchen, owning her manufacturing from day one! She took this experience and opened two manufacturing facilities. She took a phased approach to growth, focusing on building a solid base of support locally before growing regionally and then nationally, allowing her to test product market fit. She has now expanded nationally and can be found in many major retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, and Costco! 

    Check out Margarita on the DMV Business Show and hear for yourself about her passions for food, community, and building a successful food business!