Jesse Konig, Founder Of Swizzler, Tells Journey on 'Winning at Work'

    Check out Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Jesse Konig, founder of Swizzler and Spudz Fries, on "Winning at Work", a food and beverage podcast dedicated to spotlighting exceptional brands. Now, aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to hear firsthand how Swizzler's inspiring success story not only reflects unwavering determination but also highlights how the Swizzler team worked with Union Kitchen to develop a mission, and actionable strategy to launch a successful market ready product!

    Swizzler's inception traces back to Wake Forest University, where Jesse Konig and his classmate and future business partner, Ben Johnson, shared an audacious vision of reimagining the classic hot dog. What began as a mere dorm room concept swiftly metamorphosed into a vibrant reality when Jesse and Ben took the plunge, breathing life into their gourmet hot dog venture post-graduation, launching their food truck. In no time, Swizzler's delectable hot dogs had garnered a devoted following, becoming an adored fixture in the vibrant tapestry of the DC food scene.

    Yet, every entrepreneurial journey is peppered with its own set of challenges. When Jesse Konig and Ben Johnson initially embarked on their Swizzler adventure, they encountered a common roadblock faced by many budding foodpreneurs: limited resources. Armed with a brilliant concept but lacking the funds and equipment required for effective scalability, they found themselves at a crossroads. Moreover, the intricacies of the highly-regulated food industry, encompassing permits, licenses, and compliance, often pose a daunting challenge.

    The Swizzler team joined our shared kitchen to produce food for their food truck. After working in the shared kitchen they soon joined our accelerator program and began working with our team to develop their CPG product; Spudz Fries! They became manufacturing experts in our kitchen and have gone on to grow into a regional success. They have also opened several brick-and-mortar establishments in DC, including one inside Nationals Park. Even as Swizzler continued to ascend the ladder of success, Union Kitchen remained a steadfast ally, aiding in the selection of prime locations for their brick-and-mortar ventures and offering insights to adapt their business model to an ever-evolving landscape.

    Swizzler's journey from dorm room musings to a sensation in the gourmet hot dog realm illuminates the resilience of Jesse and Ben's entrepreneurial spirit, and how by owning manufacturing and taking a phased approach to growth, Swizzler became profitable. Check out the podcast now, and hear their amazing story for yourself!