Our mission is to

Build Successful Food Businesses

When we build successful food businesses, something wonderful happens. We create jobs. We develop wealth in our local economy and we get to celebrate our culture, diversity, and vibrancy. We, collectively, build our city and we build our community.


We achieve our mission and grow as individuals through our Core Values and Ways to Win.

Our Core Values and Ways to Win

Service Comes First

Build to Last

Make Things People Want

Insist on Excellence


Sense of Belonging

Growth Mindset




Interested in joining the team at Union Kitchen and building successful food businesses? Check out our career page for openings.


Our Story

It started with a cookie… 

Cullen, his sister, and his friends opened the Blind Dog Cafe in 2012. The Blind Dog Cafe quickly became a popular community gathering spot, known for a great sense of belonging and the best chocolate chip cookies

The Blind Dog Cookie (still served fresh in our stores) became so popular that we couldn’t keep up with demand! We needed more production space to keep up. We invited our food business friends to join us and we created the first shared commercial kitchen in DC.     

While running our cookie company, we noticed that our friends were having a hard time growing. We were so proud that they were starting companies, delighting customers, and bringing excitement and vibrancy to the DC food scene.  We had to find a way to help them be successful!

In particular, we noticed the challenges around manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Our answer? Pair our expertise in Consumer Packaged Goods through our Accelerator with a manufacturing infrastructure of Kitchen, Distribution, and Retail Stores that lowered the barriers to entry for local businesses.   

Why Made in DC?

Made in DC, at its core, is about companies making products and services in Washington, D.C. And it goes much further than that.  When companies make products that people want and build companies to last, they 

…drive sales

...create jobs

                ...establish wealth

                              ...develop vibrant, diverse communities

                                      ….build pride in our home.

We, collectively, shape our city. We are building the city that we want to live in. 


Our Impact

We’ve worked with numerous food and beverage businesses since 2012, including over 150 Accelerator members. These businesses have created over $350 million of revenue collectively, opened over 50 storefronts and manufacturing facilities, and created well over 1,000 jobs.  Of the companies supported, over 50% are woman- and/or minority-owned. 

We are so proud of our community!