Our mission is to

Build Successful Food Businesses

When we build successful food businesses, something wonderful happens. We create jobs. We develop wealth in our local economy and we get to celebrate our culture, diversity, and vibrancy. We, collectively, build our city and we build our community.


We achieve our mission and grow as individuals through our Core Values at Union Kitchen.

Our Core Values 

Build to Last

Make Things People Want

Growth Mindset



Interested in joining the team at Union Kitchen and building successful food businesses? Check out our career page for openings.


At Union Kitchen, we believe in the power of the CPG food industry to drive incredible impact. That's why we've created a comprehensive ecosystem through our Accelerator to support and empower entrepreneurs from launch to national scale.

We want to build our local community ground up, with people making food in DC. Because when that happens, we create livelihoods, establish inclusive wealth, develop vibrant communities, and build pride in our home.

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