CPG 101: Start Your Food Business


Kickstart your food business journey with CPG 101! Our interactive online program is designed for entrepreneurs in the early stages of building their food business. With CPG 101, you will learn the fundamentals of essential food business topics, including company formation, food business licensing, manufacturing, and the benefits of making a packaged product.



The course covers:

  • Foundations of Your Food Business

  • Why Packaged Goods?

  • Make Things People Want

  • Manufacturing

  • Licensing Your Food Business

  • Money Management

  • Marketing Basics


CPG 101 teaches best practices for budgeting, funding startup businesses, and building business credit, including quizzes and activities to test your knowledge. This program also includes the basics of marketing to help you build your successful brand, including setting up a website and social media. You’ll come out of CPG 101 with checklists to help you measure your progress through topics like money management and licensing. CPG 101 will also help you build your network with like-minded food entrepreneurs.