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Based on our real-world expertise of launching over 150 food businesses, our on demand courses are designed to build the foundation of your successful food business. From licensing and packaging to the inner workings of retail and distribution, we've got you covered.



Anytime, Anywhere

You're busy. We get that. Easily fit our on demand courses into your schedule whether that's at 2am after a last minute cooking session, an 8am wake up call, or anytime in between.


Grow your Professional Network

Learning is best done alongside others. Connect with fellow food founders and the Union Kitchen community to support you along your entrepreneurial journey.  


Take the Leap with Confidence 

The heat of the kitchen, the passion of building something of your own, the community of likeminded entrepreneurs -- it's all waiting for you! Empower your journey with real-world expertise.


On Demand Courses

Through our on demand courses, you will develop confidence, an understanding of the packaged goods industry, and the skillset to support you through the early stages of your food business and beyond.


CPG 101

Develop your viable food business model, receive a personalized goal for your next steps in building your business, and grow your professional network.


Our Food Business Licensing course takes a deep dive into Company Formation and Licensing your company as a Food Business.


Our Packaging course provides a rundown on everything you need to know related to packaging a consumer packaged food product.

NEW Course Offerings!

Building Blocks of Food

Become an expert in the 4 components who make up 97% of food's composition.

Basics of Food Safety

Through this course, you'll understand the essentials to optimize your production flow in a food safe manner.

History of CPG Food

In this course, learn from the CPG trailblazers like Heinz, Hershey's, Coca-Cola, and Mars. 

CPG Business Model

Through this course, you'll compare the CPG business model to other food business concepts and understand the benefits of building a CPG food business!

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Union Kitchen is a food business Accelerator. We build successful food businesses by empowering food founders with our ecosystem, roadmap, and expertise from launch to scale. Learn more about our Accelerator for support from launch to scale. 

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