Spice N Nice: A hug from your mug

Spice N Nice is offering consumers a flavorful cup of coffee, without the extra sugar or additives of conventional creamers.  The company,  founded by Mariya Cherk and Risa Lin, wanted to create a healthier and more flavorful alternative to traditional coffee creamers. Their mission is to make people feel the same warmth, safety, and love they experience when receiving a comforting hug with every sip of Spice 'n' Nice flavored beverage.


Each bottle of Spice N Nice is packed with the most potent and flavorful spices, flowers, and herbs humanity has been enjoying for centuries. They created a method that adds flavor to coffee without adding extra sugar, making it an excellent alternative for people who want to maintain a healthy diet while enjoying their favorite beverages. Spice N Nice’s blend of flavors includes lavender vanilla, vanilla chai, and cardamom rose. Each bottle of Spice N Nice brings the depth of flavor without added sugars or artificial sweeteners. 


Before creating Spice N Nice, Mariya and Risa met through their work in manufacturing and industry solutions, respectively. Mariya is a manufacturing and marketing expert while Risa has a PhD in biomedical engineering and is an analytic expert. 


The founders of Spice N Nice were inspired to create their line of coffee creamer alternatives as a way to offer a flavorful and delicious to people who love coffee. They believe that adding variety and flavor to coffee should not come at the cost of adding extra sugar or excluding black coffee drinkers. To help share their new method of coffee flavoring, Mariya and Risa joined the Union Kitchen Accelerator to aid in their launch process. 


With access to Union Kitchen’s ecosystem, the brand will be able to extend their reach throughout the DMV and achieve new levels of success. Spice N Nice will leverage Union Kitchen’s ecosystem through its distribution and stores, enabling the company to expand its customer base and learn from the store sales data. This data will show Mariya and Risa how their product competes against competitors and conventional coffee flavorings. 


If you're a coffee lover looking to switch up your morning routine, be sure to head over to your local Union Kitchen store and give Spice N Nice a try. With their unique blend of natural spices and all-natural ingredients, they're sure to add a little extra flavor and warmth to your day, just like a comforting hug from your favorite person.