Rising to the Top: Pinsa.Love Launches with MOMs organic

The frozen pizza market has been growing rapidly over the years, with consumers increasingly seeking convenient, high-quality options for at-home dining. Despite the abundance of frozen pizzas available, many of them fail to deliver on taste and authenticity. Enter Pinsa.Love, a frozen Pinsa company founded by Jordan Fainberg in Washington, DC, who was inspired to bring the taste he first encountered in Tuscany to your home.

Jordan Fainberg's love for pizza has taken him on a journey from a small town in Tuscany to the frozen food aisles of MOM's Organic stores across the Mid-Atlantic region. His quest to bring the authentic Italian dish of pinsa to the masses started with a pilgrimage to the town of Massa Marittima where he spent several weeks learning the art of making artisanal pizza from pizzaiolos Marco and Lara.

While he loved pizza, Fainberg realized that finding great pizza to enjoy at home was a challenge. He found that take-out, delivery, and frozen options just didn't cut it. That's when he discovered pinsa, a style of pizza from Rome, and realized that its two baking steps, made it perfect for at-home dining.

Jordan worked closely with Union Kitchen's Accelerator team to perfect his recipe and develop a market-ready product. Since launching, Pinsa has already expanded across the region, secured multiple national distribution contracts, and is now available in MOMs Organic. 

Pinsa.Love's frozen pinsas and pizzas are made with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, and with its special blend of flours and slow rising process, it's the perfect solution for busy nights or impromptu gatherings.

The launch of Pinsa.Love in MOMs Organic stores across the Mid-Atlantic is the latest milestone in Jordan's journey, and it is a testament to his dedication and commitment to providing the highest quality products. Owning his manufacturing process has allowed Jordan to have complete control over the quality of his products and deliver what people want: great tasting pizza!