From Local to Regional: The Story of Gourmet Afrik's Passionate Founder and the Milestone of 50+ Stores

Gourmet Afrik is a food manufacturing company that is bringing the rich and vibrant flavors of West Africa to homes and grocery stores across the region! The company was founded by Priscilla Turkson, a passionate entrepreneur based in the DC-area, who wanted to share the delicious and authentic taste of West African cuisine with a wider audience. 

The company offers a wide range of foods inspired by traditional West African cuisine, including jollof rice and shito pepper sauces, all made with authentic and high-quality ingredients.

Priscilla was born and raised in Ghana, where her family served a popular West African dish called jollof rice on special occasions. The jollof rice was as complex to prepare as it was delicious. When she immigrated to the United States, she found that her friends and neighbors loved her jollof rice, so she spent hours every week making it for them. Her passion for sharing the flavors of her home country and the overwhelming response inspired her to create Gourmet Afrik.

Starting locally and partnering with the Union Kitchen Accelerator, Gourmet Afrik has grown to over 50+ stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. The phased approach from local to regional has set her up for success as she learns the nuance of scaling manufacturing and scaling a CPG brand. 

To shorten the prep time for jollof rice, Priscilla created a recipe that provides the same terrific taste in under 5 minutes. This easy recipe means everyone can have jollof rice in their home, without sacrificing any of the flavor or authenticity that makes it such a beloved dish in West African cuisine. 

As an entrepreneur, Priscilla is committed to bringing the rich and diverse flavors of West African cuisine to a wider audience. With Gourmet Afrik, she has created a brand that celebrates the region's cuisine and culture, while also offering a delicious and convenient option for busy consumers. Her passion for sharing the taste of her home country has driven the success of the company, as she provides what people want and staying true to her roots.