Susosu Water: Bringing More H to Your H2O!


Susosu is GROWING! This Union Kitchen Accelerator brand, founded by Jheen Oh and Nadia Lizarazu is continuing to expand. Since launching with the Union Kitchen Accelerator in 2022 Susosu has grown to over 180 accounts, including major retailers like Giant Foods, and is on track to make a projected $500,000 in sales this year! WOW!

The story of Susosu started with the founders' desire to create a product that could help people achieve better health and wellness. As stated in an article written in the Washington Business Journal, "they saw a need for healthier — yes, healthier — and more functional water." The founders were fascinated by the benefits of hydrogen-infused water, which has been shown to have antioxidant properties that could help reduce inflammation and improve recovery from exercise.

Jheen and Nadia started experimenting with hydrogen water the result was Susosu, a hydrating and refreshing drink. Jheen and By being part of the Accelerator, Susosu has developed a proof of concept and is ready to grow their water business to the next phase. By leveraging the Union Kitchen Accelerator and Ecosystem Jheen and Nadia were able to launch a market ready product and dominate the regional market. Leveraging that very same Ecosystem, they were able to build relationships with larger distributors, expanding to major retailers such as Giant Foods, and gain the backing of investors such as Gilbert Arenas. 

Jheen and Nadia worked closely with the Union Kitchen Accelerator team on their mission, strategy, and product to find clear direction. They are following the footsteps in other powerhouse brands to build their foundation and grown and learned how to navigate the competitve market through Union Kitchen, such as Compass, Snacklins, and Maspanadas who have all scaled nationally.

Susosu's growth is just getting started! Jheen and Nadia plan to kick off a $300,000 seed raise within the next month, with the hopes of launching into the next phase of growth and continuing to scale. Susosu is building to last and making things people want! Check out the rest of the Washington Business Journal article here!