Make, Move, Sell - The Union Kitchen Ecosystem

    Union Kitchen leverages its innovative ecosystem to drive success! The Union Kitchen ecosystem is centered around three key components:

    • Kitchen: Make products
    • Distribution: Move products
    • Stores: Sell products!

    These three elements work together seamlessly to provide our Accelerator Members with a comprehensive platform for manufacturing, distributing, and selling their products.

    The Kitchen provides Members with access to a fully equipped commercial space where they can produce their products. This gives Members the opportunity to own their own manufacturing to control the quality and consistency of their products, enabling them to develop and refine their recipes to their exact specifications.

    Distribution is the next critical element of the Union Kitchen ecosystem. Distribution is designed to help Members saturate the local market by managing all of the logistics and getting the product in front of buyers and in the hands of customers. This system allows Members to build proof of concept for their brand, to show that they have sales and are making a product people want. In 2022, Union Kitchen Distribution over over $2 million worth of Accelerator Member products.

    Finally, the Stores component of Union Kitchen provides Members with the opportunity to launch their products into the local market. The stores provide a space for these local entrepreneurs to connect with local customers, to assess product market fit, and ensure they are making things people want. 

    The combination of manufacturing, distribution, and retail allows businesses to achieve product market fit faster and build the foundation for regional and national expansion.