Gelat'oh by Sierra Georgia: A Sweet new Storefront


Sierra Georgia, the gelatoh and sorbet loving founder of Union Kitchen Accelerator brand, Eat Gelat'oh has officially taken root in her new production space and pop-up storefront in Eckington! Customers can now walk right in off the street to catch a glimpse of this artist at work and grab a scoop (or three).

Through her hard work with the Union Kitchen Accelerator, Sierra has taken her conceptual ideas and passion for gelato and created a market ready product. After launching into Union Kitchen stores, Sierra continued to evolve, most notably with her recent release of delicious sorbets. This mouthwatering delight is now in the hands of local consumers through her NEW storefront, AirBnB tastings, and ecommerce, including Giant Foods online!

Sierra's love for gelato took hold in 2013 when she joined the food scene as Washington DC's very first gelatoh truck. In 2016, she traveled to Bologna, Italy to become an artisan gelato master at Carpigiani Gelato University. After her return, Sierra decided to make it her mission to give this classic Italian delicacy an American twist and create her company, Gelat-oh. 

This summer has been remarkable for Sierra's growth as recognized by the Washington Business Journal. Gelat-oh has impressively "raised more than $30,000 through the Small Business Bond Marketplace by mid-July, $5,000 over its goal." This money will help Sierra launch her business into the next phase of development as she grows into her new space, going towards packaging and manufacturing equipment. 

Sierra has owned her manufacturing from day one, controlling the quality of every single pint that hits shelves, and driving her company where she wants it to go. Gelat'oh follows in the footsteps of other rockstar Union Kitchen Accelerator members like Maspandas and Snacklins, all of whom have opened their own manufacturing facilities and are now valued at an estimated $15 million! 

We can't wait to see what August has in store for Sierra including leveraging our ecosystem to continue to grow in the regional market and develop a customer base at her Eckington pop-up along with her fellow Accelerator Member Sweet Almond. Sierra is excited to see what this storefront brings, "it is really an experience where people can come and see where the gelato is being made." 

Check out the full Washington Business Journal article here!