PowerUp: Elevating Your Daily Routine with Vibrant Herbal Infused Beverages

If you're looking to spice up your daily routine with some added health benefits, then you're in luck. PowerUp, a new food business and Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, has recently launched their vibrant and functional herbal infused beverages in Union Kitchen stores. Made with organic ingredients, these infusion blends are strategically formulated with ingredients that have added benefits like helping to improve blood flow, heart health, digestive health, and even reduce inflammation and free radicals.

What makes PowerUp's herbal infusions stand out is their careful curation of ingredients that are not only delicious, but also provide a natural boost and support for your body systems. Whether you need an energy boost to kickstart your day, or something to unwind at night, PowerUp has got you covered.

PowerUp is currently offering a hibiscus Uplift, ginger and lemon Blast, matcha Calm, and beet Revive, giving consumers a wide range of flavors and functions. 

As a professional in the healthcare industry, founder James Okode has seen the tremendous burden that chronic illness has on patients and the healthcare system. 

“Good health, just like wealth, primarily depends on making the right choices. The key is consistency, not perfection. We noticed that when it came to beverages, the right choices were limited. The most popular products don't support health and wellness, and the ones that do sacrifice taste. Therefore, we decided to create our own. POWERUP uses the well known benefits of teas, herbs, and spices to support overall health and wellness without sacrificing great taste,” says the founder.  

The PowerUp team takes pride in using only the best quality organic ingredients, ensuring that each blend is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. With a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing, they aim to not only enhance your health but also leave a positive impact on the environment.

What sets PowerUp apart is their commitment to proactively helping enhance your overall health and wellbeing. With their carefully crafted infusion blends, they provide the boost and support your body systems need for optimal performance. Whether you're an athlete looking for a natural way to improve your endurance, or simply someone looking to improve your daily routine, PowerUp has something to offer.

Power Up is leveraging Union Kitchen’s ecosystem to extend PowerUp’s reach throughout the DMV.  This leverage comes through Union Kitchen’s distribution and stores, enabling the company to expand its customer base and learn from the store sales data. James can then use this information to compare how his product fares against its competitors in the health beverage market. 

“When you consistently choose to drink with purpose, you are making an investment in your health. Future you will thank you,” says Okode. 

So, if you're looking for a delicious and healthy way to PowerUp your day, be sure to check out PowerUp's vibrant herbal infused beverages, now selling at Union Kitchen stores. With their focus on organic ingredients and added health benefits, you're sure to find a blend that will help elevate your daily routine.