New product alert! Afirma Launches Sparkling Water


In today’s day and age, we as a society have come to realize that mental health is just as important as physical health. Since 2018, Lauren Watkins, the founder of Afirma, has tied these two concepts together into one product.  

 Each bottle of Afirma’s natural spring water provides a unique affirmation on the label. Each affirmation is an “I am” statement, designed to  emphasize being present and utilizing the love and positive energy that lies within all of us. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for someone to get through the rest of their day.

 While developing this concept, Lauren had the idea that humans are about 75%  water. She also knew that water has been scientifically proven to be reactive to the vibrations around it. Keeping this study in mind, Lauren was curious about what would happen if we accompanied the hydration experience with a self-love ritual. 

  Lauren recently took the next steps with her business and developed a new product: Afirma Sparkling Water. Sparkling water provides the hydration all humans need, with an added bonus of bubbly carbonation. Although sparkling water is not more or less hydrating than regular water, the appeal can motivate people to boost their daily water intake. Lauren wanted to expand her audience to people who want a little more than water, thus the sparkling water was born. The combination of the affirmation on the bottle followed by the sparkling energy of the water is guaranteed to take the simple experience of drinking water to the next level.
 While Afirma’s product line continues to grow, they stay true to their mission, which is to offer high vibrations from each affirmation and " create moments of presence and self-connection through the power of thoughts, words, sound, and intention.”, says Lauren.  This new product is fizzy and refreshing and 16.9 oz for the perfect grab and go occasion. The bottles are recyclable, it’s blue tint shows it’s made from other recycled bottles, and is BPA free.  These qualities embody Afirma’s goal for their consumers: to be one with nature and themselves. 

  In addition to hydration, Afirma Sparkling Water adds a twist to the Afirma experience and is sure to be a hit at Union Kitchen stores. This new product is available at all Union Kitchen locations and will soon hit shelves in other stores in the Washington, D.C.  area.