Spreading Positivity One Water Bottle at a Time

It’s not often that a water bottle company makes spreading positivity a key part of their mission. However, that’s exactly what Afirma Water is all about. For over a year now, Afirma Water has made it their mission to encourage positivity with unique, affirmations on every bottle that they sell.  “Every affirmation reminds us to find a quiet moment in a busy world, and to fill yourself with love,” founder Lauren Watkins explains. 

After early success, Afirma is thinking bigger. Lauren and the Afirma team are rolling out a new 1 liter version. “I hope that this gives people that little bit of encouragement they need to get through the day,” shared Lauren. “I spent years in the sales industry and quickly learned how our thoughts, emotions, language and intentions impact our lives… I started Afirma to inspire others who are looking to connect with themselves in a deeper, more meaningful way.” 

Afirma Water hit store shelves around the District in April 2019. First available in 16.9 oz bottles, Afirma Water was a convenient bottle to take on the go. But Lauren wanted to offer even more and was determined to make this product into something consumers absolutely loved. Shortly after the initial launch, Lauren joined the Union Kitchen team to connect directly with consumers. She worked in our retail locations talking to as many consumers as she could. What she learned helped her to launch her newest version. 

It turns out, despite the sharp look of the clear label, consumers were having trouble reading the affirmations and they wanted even more! They wanted something they could bring to the gym and drink throughout the day. The new 1 liter bottles offered a solution to both. With more room to work with and a new white background, Afirma Water was able to make the affirmations larger, easier to read, and clearer. 

Perfect for the health conscious consumer, Afirma Water is currently available in Union Kitchen stores and in Guerilla Vending machines. Consider giving it a try next time you purchase water. It’s always nice to take a moment for a positive reminder. 

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