Baobab: The Superfood Behind Tabaldi

When Mo Bushra first experienced the flavor and nutritional benefits of baobab, he knew had to share it with his friends and family.

Tabaldi Juice Co. was founded with one simple goal in mind: make baobab-infused juice available to residents of the DC area and beyond. Mo saw a growing market of health-conscious consumers in the United States and knew that his baobab juice would be popular. With a background in business administration, Mo got to work.

Early on, Mo’s first steps were figuring out how to get the business up and running. At first, he needed to figure out what he wanted to name his new company. He decided on Tabaldi, the Arabic word for the superfood Baobab featured in his juices.

With Tabaldi officially named, Mo needed to decide on his mission. He set out to connect people to nature and optimize their health by providing blends of nourishing ingredients. With a mission in mind, Mo was ready to put his ideas into action.

When he discovered Union Kitchen's Food Business Accelerator, he knew he would be able to turn his idea into a reality. The Accelerator helped him organize and streamline the launch process, cutting down on costs and providing him space to grow his business.

Now, Mo is launching two baobab juice flavors into DC markets: Strawberry Lemonade and Hibiscus Lemongrass. Both iterations of his juice combine baobab and other natural fruits to make a super drink that’s both tasty and high in nutritional value.

Baobab packs a punch. The superfood is loaded with fiber that helps with digestion and lowers glycemic levels. The fruit is full of essential vitamins and minerals and has many other nutritional benefits.

On top of the nutritional benefits of baobab, Tabaldi’s new line of juices has no added sugar. Instead, both juices are sweetened with monk fruit. Monk fruit provides a natural sweetness that counters the lemons’ tartness and leaves consumers with the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and nutritionally healthy. 

For Mo, it was all about staying committed during the launch process. What surprised him most: how much you can achieve by putting your mind to something and sticking to a plan. “The road can be rocky, but you learn how to maneuver through it,” says Mo, whose mentality helped him find success through the launch process. By sticking to his plan and learning from his mistakes, Mo proved that no road was too rocky.

Mo is most excited to see how the product is received by customers. In particular, he loves interacting with customers and seeing something he produced being purchased and enjoyed. With all-natural ingredients and plenty of nutritional benefits, Tabaldi Juice Co. is sure to be a hit in DC markets.

You can find Tabaldi’s Strawberry Lemonade and Hibiscus Lemongrass in the six Union Kitchen locations throughout DC.