Jordan Fainberg, Founder of Pinsa Love's Appears in Appetito

Ciao, Italian food lovers! Meet Union Kitchen Accelerator Member Jordan Fainberg, the mastermind behind Pinsa Love, a remarkable frozen pizza company that's been making waves in Washington DC. Recently, Jordan and his product appeared in Appetito, an online magazine dedicated to finding the best Italian Food and Drink. There, Jordan talked about his company, his love of pizza, and how Union Kitchen helped him turn his love of a lesser-known style of Italian pizza into a business built to last. For those hoping to make their culinary dreams into a reality, it’s a must read (with a glass of red wine of course)!

Jordan’s story begins in the most appropriate of places. Italy! While trying the local cuisine, Jordan happened upon a unique style of pizza, unbeknownst to most Americas: Pinsa, an ancient Roman style of pizza. Falling in love with its crispy yet airy crust and distinctive toppings, Jordan knew that he wanted to bring this authentic style of pizza back to his hometown of Washington DC. This, however, raised several challenges for the budding entrepreneur. Jordan not only had to master the pinsa-making process - a 72-hour fermentation period carried out at a precise temperature to ensure perfect structure and air bubbles - but he had to make it frozen. How does one even begin to go about this?

This is when Jordan began building a relationship with Union Kitchen! Jordan worked with the Union Kitchen Accelerator team to develop a mission, and strategy for his brand and execute. By leveraging the Union Kitchen ecosystem Jordan was able to experiment, perfect recipes, and create pizzeria-quality frozen pizza - he became a manufacturing expert in our shared kitchen! Union Kitchen’s Accelerator team provided Jordan the knowledge and resources needed to build a successful consumer packaged goods (CPG) business. 

With Union Kitchen's nurturing environment – encompassing space, equipment, and technical guidance – Jordan Fainberg's Pinsa Love evolved from a dream to a bona fide frozen pizza sensation. Pinsa Love's well-deserved feature in Appetito magazine is just the latest in a long, ever-growing list of highlights and accolades. Jordan’s journey is a testament to the fusion of culinary passion and dedicated support.