Garden Riot Sorbets: Unlock The Power Of Fruits And Veggies

Introducing Garden Riot, founded by Samira Taylor one of Union Kitchen's newest Accelerator Members. Samira has created a delectable sorbet dessert that's about to redefine your concept of  indulgence. Made from a tantalizing blend of vegetables and fruits, it's not just a dessert; it's a guilt-free treat that's as good for your taste buds as it is for your well-being. But beyond the delightful sorbet itself, this story is also about the remarkable journey of its founder, Samira, a corporate paralegal and food visionary.

Samira is a corporate paralegal by day and ice cream fanatic well... 100% of the time! Like many of us, she enjoyed the indulgence but couldn't ignore the nagging feeling that more nutritious alternatives were hard to come by. This realization led her to embark on a mission to create a dessert that could satisfy her sweet cravings while also giving her the benefits of fruits and vegetables. 

While Samira had the passion and the palate for creating exquisite desserts, she admitted to having limited knowledge about the intricate world of food business. The thought of venturing into the culinary industry was exciting but daunting. If Samira was going to get serious about pursuing a culinary CPG career, she knew she needed guidance and support to navigate this unfamiliar terrain. 

Samira worked with the Union Kitchen Accelerator team to develop strategy, mission, and product formulation. By leveraging the resources of the Union Kitchen Ecosystem, Samira is becoming a manufacturing expert in our shared kitchen, and has launched a market ready product that is now available in all five Union Kitchen stores! She will now connect directly with local customers to collect feedback and test product market fit before beginning to grow regionally. By taking a phased and sustainable approach to growth and owning her manufacturing Samira is following in the footsteps of other powerhouse Union Kitchen brands who opened their own production facilities and distribute nationally, such as Compass Coffee and Snacklins.

Garden Riot isn't just a dessert; it's a symbol of what's achievable when courage converges with the right support system. A budding food entrepreneur like Samira shouldn’t be scared to take the first step towards achieving their own culinary dream. With the proper guidance and support system, it’s possible to create delectable experiences, build lasting businesses, and enrich our local communities! Congratulations Samira.