Humble Kind Wise: Nourishing Wellness in a Pouch

Prepare to be delighted by a heartwarming tale of passion and wellness. One of Union Kitchen's newest Accelerator Members, Humble Kind Wise founded by husband and wife Zena and Charles Collins. bring their passion for wellness and roots in Caribbean tradition to every pouch of sea moss gel, they worked closely with the Union Kitchen Team on their mission, strategy, and products to find clear direction and launch and market ready product.

The buzz around Humble Kind Wise is well-deserved. The mission of Zena and Charles is simple yet powerful: to make wellness accessible to everyone. It all started with a personal journey that ignited a desire to share the love with all of us! The original sea moss gel, crafted from Caribbean Eucheuma Cottonii, is a nutrient-packed superhero, supporting brain, heart, and gut health.

At Humble Kind Wise, it's all about the goodness—no fuss, no frills. Their sea moss gel is fresh, clean, and filled with natural nutrients. You can easily incorporate it into your favorite drinks or smoothies, or simply take it straight for a dose of wellness made easy.

But wait, it gets even better! Humble Kind Wise believes in giving back to the community. With every purchase, they generously donate 5% of their profits to support economic development in Caribbean countries and historically marginalized communities in the USA and UK. Talk about spreading the love and making a positive impact!

Zena and Charles have leveraged the resources available at Union Kitchen to take their idea and turn into a market ready CPG product. They have now completed Phase One of Four of the Accelerator during which they worked with the Union Kitchen Team to solidify their mission and core values, scaled their manufacturing in our shared kitchen space, and has now joined distribution and will be launching into Union Kitchen stores! They will test product market fit, connect with local customers to gather feedback, and focus on growing their sales in the regional market! 

Zena and Charles are following in the footsteps of other powerhouse Union Kitchen brands such as MaspanadasCompass Coffee, and Snacklins, all of whom owned their own manufacturing and followed a phased approach to growth. This allowed them to have stronger margins and in turn achieve profitability faster and more consistently than their peers.  

So, whether you're a wellness enthusiast, a health-conscious foodie, or someone looking to make a positive impact through your choices, Humble Kind Wise's sea moss gel pouches are the perfect choice. Remember, with every pouch, you're not just nourishing your body; you're also contributing to a greater cause.