Let's Talk Snack(lin)s And Growing From Idea To A National Brand

EAT THE WHOLE BAG! Now that we've got your attention, let's talk snacks... and not just any snacks, let's talk about Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Snacklins, founded by Samy Kobrosly. What started as a vegan pork rind concept has blossomed into the second fastest-growing puffed snack chip in the United States! Currently valued at an estimated $15 million, Snacklins is proving itself a powerhouse, fueled by the love of snacks.

Samy K started where all entrepreneurs start: with an idea. Samy and the Union Kitchen Accelerator took that idea and developed a mission, strategy, and process, and launched a market-ready product. This provided a solid foundation on which Snacklins could grow and build to last. By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem, Samy has owned his manufacturing from the beginning, making him the master of his process. They are the only puff chip company in the US making their own pellets, right here in their very own manufacturing facility in Rockville, Maryland! This gives Snacklins a huge advantage in controlling their product quality and allows Samy to pivot and react to the market.

After launching into the market, Snacklins engaged with local customers through the Union Kitchen stores and were able to improve their product and ensure they are making things people want. They were able to learn what customers were looking for, rebranded as a veggie puff chip, and leaned into the crazy low-calorie count and amazing flavors. At 100 calories a serving, you can't help but want to eat the whole bag! From there, they focused on saturating the regional market, and from there, they were unstoppable as they scaled to a national level. Snacklins can now be found in many major retailers, including Whole Foods, Giant Foods, and Mom's Organic Market.

Snacklins is positioned for double-digit growth this year as the number two fastest-growing puffed snack brand nationally and number one in the Mid-Atlantic. Snacklins received a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban after a successful appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tank and a $1 million investment from the Union Kitchen Investment Fund earlier this year.

Snacklins is an example of how owning manufacturing and following a phased approach to growth allows companies to have stronger margins and in turn achieve profitability fast and more consistently than their peers.

Their innovative approach to snacking has earned them a valuation of $15 million, a manufacturing facility in Rockville, MD, and the distinction of being one of the fastest-growing brands in both the conventional and natural retail channels. By leveraging Union Kitchen resources, Samy owns his manufacturing, has scaled nationally, is building to last, and is MAKING THINGS PEOPLE WANT!