Words that Work: The Art of Creating a Strong Wordmark for Your Brand

    A logo is the first thing customers see when they come across your brand. It is a visual representation of the story you are trying to tell about your food business and the value proposition you are trying to convey to the consumer. Your logo can help answer the question “Why should I purchase your product over everything else on the market?”   


    A wordmark logo is your business name written in a unique font or style. Wordmark logos are simple, memorable, and easy to recognize. 


    Here are some advantages of using a wordmark logo for your food business:

    1. Wordmark logos are straightforward and easy to understand, and they can convey the essence of your brand without any added imagery.
    2. Wordmarks can be used to tell a cohesive story for your business because it is an added storytelling element. 
    3. A wordmark is an element that can easily be remembered, helping customers associate your brand with your business name. A wordmark can be a purposeful, impactful aspect of your value proposition and tell consumers exactly why they should buy your product over any other brand on the market. 




    A logo is a graphic representation of the story you are trying to tell about your food business. It’s another opportunity to connect the dots for your consumer through your color, style, and font choice!  A wordmark logo is a simple and effective solution for food businesses looking to establish their brand identity