Pinsa Love Is Officially in 100 Giant Food Stores!

    We have GIANT news! Union Kitchen Member, Pinsa Love, founded by Jordan Fainberg is officially onboarding with 100 Giant Foods across the Mid-Atlantic. The Washington Business Journal highlights Jordan's journey talking about how he found his passion for Pinsa, how he flipped the script and saw the pandemic as an opportunity, and his plans for future growth. By owning manufacturing and taking a phased approach to growth, Jordan has built a solid foundation of local support and is now expanding regionally and Jordan predicts that Pinsa is set to double it's store count to nearly 500 this year! 

    Jordan’s story begins in the most appropriate of places, Italy! While trying the local cuisine, Jordan happened upon a unique style of pizza, unbeknownst to most Americas: Pinsa, an ancient Roman style of pizza. Falling in love with its crispy yet airy crust and distinctive toppings, Jordan knew that he wanted to bring this authentic style of pizza back to his hometown of Washington DC. After spending 10 days in Tuscany learning how to make pizza Jordan learned the intricacies of making pinsa - the special flour mixtures, the unique flavors, and the 72 hour fermentation. 

    When the pandemic hit Jordan recognized a rare opportunity - people were going to be relying more on grocery stores, and more willing to try different products given the restaurant closures. He worked with the Union Kitchen team to develop a vision, mission, and strategy for his brand. He became a manufacturing expert by producing in our shared kitchen and by leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem, launched a market ready product. Owning manufacturing has allowed Jordan to remain in control of he quality of his pinsa, test out new flavors, and react to the market quickly. This will be an important advantage as the frozen pizza market is a highly competitive one. 

    Since launching Pinsa Love onto grocery store shelves in 2022 Jordan has remained committed to a phased approach to growth, allowing him to grow sustainably, building his brand to last. He has since onboarded with several major retailers such as Mom's Organic Market, and now will be adding 100 Giant Foods to that list! He has his sights set on expansion across the Mid-Atlantic. Jordan said, "Pinsa Love is projected to double its sales this year", and is expecting to hire 10 employees over the next 10 months to keep up with demand. 

    Jordan Fainberg's Pinsa Love is more than just a frozen pizza company; it’s proof of the importance of a well-planned, phased approach to building a lasting food brand. By following a sustainable plan, Pinsa Pizza has grown from a love for delicious pinsa into a successful and expanding brand. Read more about Jordan's journey, and the successes of Pinsa Love here!