Why Use LinkedIn

    By now, you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social network that allows you to find jobs and connect with people in your industry. In this Union Kitchen Guide, we’ll talk more about the benefits of LinkedIn, and why you should invest the time into making a profile.

    Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn InMail


    At its core, LinkedIn provides a valuable platform that helps you build strategic relationships with people in and out of your network. Connect with former classmates, colleagues, and friends who can help you in your professional career.


    Job Opportunities

    You can set-up notifications for relevant job postings that you are qualified for. You can also search for specific positions in your region that would be relevant to you.


    Online Resume

    Similar to your resume, your profile showcases your experience, skills, and education, but in more detail . You can also receive recommendations and endorsements from people you have worked with before.



    You can also join groups or events in industries that you are interested in as a way to learn more and meet with new people in the field.



    You can take a series of skills quizzes to show how familiar you are in a variety of skill sets.


    Hopefully, by now, you see the benefits of LinkedIn. More than just another social media site, LinkedIn is a valuable tool that can help you take your career to the next level. For more helpful guides like this, be sure to check out Union Kitchen’s Resource guide.