Union Kitchen Tasty Tidbits: September Roundup!

🍕Pinsa Love, founded by Jordan Fainberg, has officially launched with 100 Giant Foods across the Mid-Atlantic!

Pinsa Love, founded by Jordan Fainberg is growing! They just onboarded with 100 Giant Foods across the Mid-Atlantic. Jordan predicts that Pinsa is set to double their store count to 500 this year. They are also on track to hire 10 new employees over the next 10 months to keep up with growing demand. 

Pinsa Love-1

🌟Read about the entrepreneurial journey of Cullen Gilchrist, founder and CEO of Union Kitchen

Through Union Kitchen, Cullen has led investments into over 200 food and beverage startups. Cullen also acts as a strategic advisor and sits on numerous boards of national packaged food brands including Snacklins, Compass Coffee, and Caribe Juice. The experience of running a small food business led to understanding the problems that an entrepreneur faces and what some of the solutions might be, and led to the opening of a shared kitchen space, and the development of the Accelerator and Union Kitchen Ecosystem.

🏆Margarita Womack, founder of Maspanadas, has been named to Bethesda Magazines "Women Who Inspire" list

The business, which began in 2020 with seven employees, is now set to achieve $8 million in revenue in 2023 and expand its facility significantly. Beyond business success, Womack is committed to providing jobs, training, and support to those in need, particularly immigrants and refugees. Her workforce comprises 90% immigrants, over 80% women, and about half are refugees, primarily from Central and South America. She offers wellness classes and instruction in digital and financial literacy to her employees, recognizing that newcomers to the country require more than just a paycheck.