Dorm Room Dream to Delicious Reality: Berg Launches New Fruit Energy Bites!

The nutritious focused among us often struggle to find truly delicious snacks to power us through the busy day. Luckily, there’s Berg Bites, the brainchild of Union Kitchen Accelerator Member Daniel Berg, an entrepreneur with a passion for clean ingredient-focused energy food. Since his days at George Washington University, Daniel has whipping up yummy and nutritious snacks. Now, Berg Bites is set to launch an exciting new product: fruit-coated oat energy bites!

Berg Bites traces its roots back to the dorm rooms of George Washington University, where Daniel's family's bites quickly became a favorite among his dormmates. These wholesome snacks provided the sustenance needed to power through long study sessions and busy college life. Daniel saw an opportunity in these tasty bites and recognized the demand for nutritious on-the-go snacks. This ignited his entrepreneurial spark, and Daniel embarked on a mission to turn his family's beloved snack into a thriving business.

Following graduation, Daniel faced the typical hurdles that many food entrepreneurs encounter: finding sufficient kitchen space and the right equipment to bring his dream to fruition. Crafting quality snacks requires the right tools and environment, which can be challenging for startups with limited resources. Daniel worked with the Union Kitchen team to develop a mission and strategy for his brand and launched a market ready product. He then became a manufacturing expert in our shared kitchen and continues to own his production and take a phased approach to growth! 

As Daniel Berg launches his new line of fruit-coated oat energy bites, we celebrate not only the delicious and wholesome snacks that Berg Bites offers but also the entrepreneurial spirit and the supportive ecosystem that made it all possible. Food entrepreneurs and local business enthusiasts should take inspiration from Daniel's journey and explore the possibilities within their communities. Grab the new Berg Bites in all of our stores