50+ Union Kitchen Brands Have Launched With Giant Foods!

50+ Union Kitchen Accelerator brands have onboarded with Giant Foods! Some of these amazing local brands include Compass Coffee founded by Michael Haft, Pinsa Love founded by Jordan Fainberg, MasPanadas founded by Margarita Womack, and Snacklins founded by Samy Kobrosly. All of these brands worked with our Accelerator team to develop a mission, strategy, and product formulation before launching a market ready product! They became manufacturing experts in our shared kitchen, and took a phased approach to growth starting in our stores and growing to onboard with larger retailers like Giant Foods!

Entrepreneurs succeed at Union Kitchen by leveraging our Ecosystem.  It's about creating a community of passionate food entrepreneurs who are committed to building lasting businesses, and connecting them with the resources to guide them. Union Kitchen works closely with each brand to ensure that their mission and strategy align with their target market. 

One common thread among these brands is their commitment to owning their manufacturing processes from the beginning. They all became manufacturing experts in our shared kitchen, as they scaled their processes, and many went on to open their own facilities locally! 

We believe that owning manufacturing and following a phased approach to growth allows companies to have stronger margins and in turn achieve profitability faster and more consistently than their peers. Brands start locally, capturing the hearts of the DC community. Margarita Womack's Maspanadas is a prime example of this approach. With Union Kitchen's support, Margarita established a strong local presence before expanding regionally.

Brands like Compass Coffee, Pinsa Love, Maspanadas, and Snacklins are shining examples of how a phased approach to growth, paired with ownership of manufacturing, can lead to long-lasting success. By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem, entrepreneurs grow locally, then regionally, onboarding with larger retailers like Giant Foods.