New Flavor Who Dis?! Ahav Launches New Lemon Bar Flavor!


Cookie dough lovers get excited! Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Ahav, founded by Liam Frumkin, has a new flavor - Lemon Bar! Ahav is a local clean ingredient edible cookie dough brand that has revolutionized the snacking game. Liam experienced unprecedented growth immediately after after he went viral on TikTok and broke $150,000 in sales in his first few months after launch! Ahav has experienced remarkable success, overcoming challenges and embracing growth along the way.

Liam started Ahav at the young age of 19 with a passion for creating wholesome and indulgent treats. He wanted to offer clean ingredient alternatives that didn't compromise on taste. Drawing inspiration from his own battles with an eating disorder and a desire to provide options for those with food sensitivities, Ahav's mission was clear: to redefine the snack game.

Building a business from scratch is no easy feat, and Liam faced numerous obstacles on his path to success. One of the key challenges was developing a recipe that struck the perfect balance between flavor, texture, and health-conscious ingredients. Liam tirelessly experimented with different combinations, seeking input from family, friends, and local taste testers to fine-tune his creations. His dedication and commitment paid off, as Ahav's cookie dough bites quickly gained popularity among health-conscious consumers in the local community.

By integrating into the  Union Kitchen Ecosystem, Liam gained access to extensive network and distribution channels, and Ahav was able to reach a broader audience, expanding their reach beyond the local community.  Liam worked closely with the Union Kitchen Accelerator team on her mission, strategy, and products to find clear direction and is now building on that foundation and expanding his product line! 

Union Kitchen not only provided Ahav with a platform to showcase their products but also connected them with industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. Liam is following in the footsteps of other powerhouse brands that have grown through their work with the Union Kitchen Team, such as Compass Coffee, Maspanadas, and Caribe Juice who are all scaled nationally and opened their own production facility. These connections allowed Liam to learn from the best in the business, acquire invaluable knowledge, and fine-tune his business strategy. With Union Kitchen's guidance and support, Ahav was able to navigate the complexities of scaling a food business while maintaining their commitment to clean ingredients and exceptional taste.

Ahav's decision to introduce the new lemon bar flavor is a testament to their continuous pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction. The tangy, refreshing taste of lemon combined with Ahav's signature clean ingredient cookie dough bites creates a delectable treat that is sure to please taste buds far and wide. With this expansion, Ahav demonstrates their dedication to offering a diverse range of flavors while staying true to their commitment to clean ingredients and guilt-free indulgence.