Mas Panadas Opens Up Second Manufacturing Facility to Increase Production

Congratulations to Margarita and the team on opening a second manufacturing facility to support their growth!

Mas Panadas was created by Margarita Womack with the goal of providing a fun, easy, yet satisfying meal option for people who have busy schedules, but still want something that packs delicious flavors. Originally coming from a STEM background and a mother of three kids, she understood the difficulties that many could face when they wanted to eat healthy but did not seem to have the time. Mas Panadas has now become a perfect option for all kinds of people, whether they be busy professionals, or just want something delicious. 

Mas Panadas opened up their first 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility a few years ago as they outgrew their original production capabilities at Union Kitchen. We are so proud to see brands scale and need more production space! This original facility is going to be used for strictly gluten-free products, while the new 12,000 square foot facility will take over the main operations. Mas Panadas is sold in retailers nationally and hoping to continue to saturate the market. They now make over 20,000 empanadas per day, for retail and private label. The team is excited to ramp up their production effectively to support growing demand.

Mas Panadas can be found online, in Union Kitchen Stores, and numerous retailers. They come in several different flavors and are a perfect meal on the go. Go pick up some today and enjoy this quality version of the iconic dish!