USDA-Inspected • Organic Certified

Manufacturing food is challenging. Learn how to be great at it and build something to last. We take care of the production facility, you do what you do best: manufacture delicious packaged goods!

Test out new concepts, update old ones, and manufacture your products from start to finish in our 17,000 sq. ft. production facility.


Kitchen Membership Options

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Why You Should Absolutely Manufacture

The food and beverage space is incredibly competitive. There are new brands launching every day. What is at the core of building a food business to last? Manufacturing. Manufacturing creates defensibility, allows you to dictate the quality of your products, innovate faster, and control your inventory. That is why we are obsessed with manufacturing at Union Kitchen. We see this play out time and time again. Snacklins is the only puffed chip company in the US making their own pellets (what gets puffed, fried, and seasoned).  Origin Caribe was able to launch cold pressed juice for $1.99 in WalMart around the country because they manufacture their own products. 


Specialized Production

USDA-Meat Inspected Facility

Dedicated Bakery

USDA-Organic Certified (*entire facility)

FDA-Registered (*entire facility)

Cold, Dry, and Frozen Storage

Loading and Receiving docks


Double-Stack Convection Ovens

Large quart mixers

Jacketed Steam Kettle & Tilt Skillet

RobotCoupe Blixer 60 and CL60

Continuous Band Sealer

Weigh Filler

Additional Equipment*

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