Introducing Pop's Bakery's Newest Addition: Rosemary Bread!

Pop's Bakery, a local bread producer based in Washington DC, is proud to announce the launch of its newest foodservice product: Rosemary Bread. This aromatic and flavorful bread is now available for your sandwiches at Union Kitchen stores across the city and beyond. Get excited!

Pop's Bakery’s mission is to make the best locally-sourced bread for its customers and believes that nothing beats the taste and quality of locally-sourced bread. That's why CEO and Founder, Grant Sarvis, and his team of seven employees work tirelessly to ensure that their customers receive only the best. 

The team currently produces 35,000 units of bread per week for 40 restaurants and over 100 retailers in the greater DC area and beyond.

The launch of Rosemary Bread at Union Kitchen stores marks an exciting new chapter for Pop's Bakery and they are thrilled to bring our locally-sourced bread to even more customers in the DC area and beyond. 

In addition to Poppy’s Bakery foodservice items, the company also offers a line of Poppy’s Stuffed Bagels, the original Pop’s Bakery creation. The stuffed bagel is a packaged “bagel hole” with bagel toppings on the outside and a rich cream cheese filling. These are sold in the frozen section of Whole Foods Market and other Washington D.C. metro retail outlets, and have become a staple in over 100 coffee shops across the country. Pop’s Bakery is the only wholesale manufacturer of bagel hole products on the East Coast and was voted “best stuffed bagel” by Washington Post readers in 2016. The company currently makes over 15,000 bagel holes each week to meet steadily growing demand. 

At Pop's Bakery is committed to delivering the highest quality bread to our customers and is excited to launch Rosemary Bread as the newest foodservice product in Union Kitchen. The brand looks forward to continuing to serve the DC community with the best locally-sourced bread around. Try it today and taste the difference!