Do Yourself A Favor and Try Ben's New Flavor!

Get ready for a dose of exciting news from the world of wellness shots! Union Kitchen Member Favor, founded by Ben Wheeler is introducing a new flavor of wellness shot – Elderberry with turmeric and lemon. We are so excited to see this new flavor hit shelves in our stores! This new development is a testament to Ben's commitment to making functional and accessible products for his customers! Do yourself a Favor and take a shot. 

Ben Wheeler's journey into the world of wellness shots began with a personal quest for better health. As a former college basketball player, Ben understood the importance of staying healthy but often found himself short on time. This led him to discover the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) shots. However, like many of us, Ben realized that most ACV shots were, while effective, quite bitter and unpleasant. Determined to create a wellness shot that didn't compromise on taste, Ben developed shots that not only provided all the benefits of ACV but also delivered a delightful flavor experience. 

In the early days of Favor, Ben biggest challenge was sourcing the right ingredients to make his wellness shots both wholesome and delicious. Finding the perfect balance between taste and nutrition wasn't easy. Anyone who's looked at the typical ACV can often find preservatives, sugar, and other artificial ingredients. Ben worked hard with our Accelerator team to develop a mission and strategy for his brand. He built on this foundation to launch a market ready product and is now hustling to grow, in a phased approach, currently focusing on building support locally. 

Like many other powerhouse Union Kitchen brands such as Maspanadas, founded by Margarita Womack, and Snacklins, founded by Samy Kobrosly, Ben owns his own manufacturing! He is owning his process in our kitchen, controlling the destiny of his brand and the quality of his product. Additionally, owning his own manufacturing gives him a distinct advantage as he can be agile and can react to the market. Grab a favor shot at our stores and let the amazing ingredients work their magic!