Cured + Crisp Launches Breakfast Sausage Patties

Looking to set your brunch platter apart? Cured and Crisps’ newest breakfast sausage patties will do just that! Chef Eron Picus has a passion for pork, and his take on this traditional food stays true to the source while adding the perfect amount of flavor and seasoning. 

Eron has yet to work a day outside of the food industry. Him and his wife Sarah decided to begin their food business after receiving endless calls asking to purchase their pork products. It was Chef Eron’s decades of industry expertise that gave him the confidence to become his own boss and launch Cured + Crisp in 2017. Cured + Crisp launched with a line of artisan bacon sourced only from humanely and sustainably raised pigs. Their bacon offerings include Chinese Five Spice, Sugar-Free Hibiscus Flower and Fennel, Big Chris’ Bethany Beach Breakfast Bacon, and It Ain’t Pastrami, It’s Bacon.

Although bacon is what propelled Chef Eron to start his own food business, he has ventured into other products as well, namely the newly launched breakfast sausage patties. These sausage patties might be new to the market, but Chef Eron’s breakfast sausage has been in food service for a couple of years now. The delectable breakfast sausage patties are composed of pork butt, trimmings of bacon for additional flavor, and brown rice to bind everything together. 

He hesitated to bring this product to market as he struggled to find suitable packaging for his frozen patties. As time went on and packaging for frozen meats became more popular in the market, he figured now was the time to take the plunge. The breakfast sausage patties come in a package of six and can be found in the freezer section at Union Kitchen stores, Mom’s Organics, Dent Place Market, and more stores around the DC metropolitan area. 

Although these sausage patties are primarily advertised and used for breakfast, do not let that fool you! Chef Eron says he enjoys using them in their traditional fashion, but also likes to spice things up by sauteing his pork patty with some onions as a base for a tomato sauce or as a topping on a homemade pizza.  

Chef Eron looks forward to crafting more delicious pork-based products for his customers. Next on his docket is to create a grab-and-go bacon that is unlike his other products as this one will be uncured and crisp.