Crack A Can Of BlackNerd Coffee!

Put down your coffees and listen! Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, BlackNerd Coffee, founded by husband and wife Annie and Elliot, Carter are officially expanding their product line to include a delicious canned coffee! Now, you can take their delicious brew on the go with ease.  Taste the quality that only passionate coffee nerds and hard work through the Union Kitchen ecosystem can produce!

A nerdy story starts at a nerdy place. Annie and Elliot met at their HBCU, where they delved deeper into the science of coffee. They quickly discovered that they were not alone in this obsession. In fact, there was a sizeable community of coffee nerds who shared their passion and were equally fascinated by the complex flavors and aromas of the humble coffee bean. Annie and Elliot's obsession soon turned into a mission to further enhance their knowledge and expertise with coffee lovers. Thus, BlackNerd Coffee was born!

Like other powerhouse Union Kitchen brands, shout out to MaspanadasCompass Coffee, and Snacklins, Annie and Elliot own their own manufacturing and follow a phased approach to growth. This allows them to have stronger margins and in turn achieve profitability faster and more consistently than their peers. Additionally, BlackNerd are able to leverage Union Kitchen's resources to launch a market ready product and find their product market fit. In their case,  they found their niche in launching a ready to drink coffee. People are busy, and now they can caffeinate with BlackNerd on the go!

Annie and Elliot's journey with Blacknerd Coffee serves as a shining example of how passion, perseverance, and the right ecosystem can transform dreams into reality. Their partnership with Union Kitchen empowered them to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, build a solid business foundation, and break into the caffeine scene. What are you waiting for? Crack a can (or two) of smooth and delicious BlackNerd coffee and enjoy.