Accelerator Member Spotlight: 1790 Coffee

Learn more about the team behind 1790 Coffee, bringing quality, Mexican specialty coffee to the US!
Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about you. What is your passion behind your business?
We are the De la Peña Gonzalez family and we've always been passionate about coffee. Growing up around the taste and smell of good coffee, our love for it grew significantly as the years went by, more specifically for Mexican coffee. Mexican coffee is distinguished by its bold, rich taste, which we found many coffees lacked in the US. We set out on a journey to introduce the beauty of Mexican specialty coffee to everyone who is tired of drinking flavorless coffee.
Did you always know you wanted to start a food business?/What did you think you wanted to do professionally?
We always knew we wanted to do importing business from Mexico to the US, and coffee has always been in our minds, especially during our time living in Puebla, Mexico, where we discovered the beauty of specialty coffee.
Why did you start your business?
We decided to start our business since we could never find a coffee that we considered good in the US. Compared to nearly everywhere else in the world, the standards for coffee available to consumers were noticeably low.
What did you do before starting your business?
Before starting 1790 Coffee, we were all in the family's real estate business.
What convinced you to take the plunge?
It was an easy step because we missed the flavor of Mexican coffee so much and we knew that we couldn't just sit and wait for it to appear on the shelves.
What do you like about food?
How you can taste many things at once; chocolate, hazelnut, almond, orange, honey, etc.
What drew you to the food industry?
We had a good relationship with the producers and had been invited by them to experience their coffee process.
What's the biggest challenge you've faced to date?
When we started as Americano & Co selling to restaurants as first clients, the Covid 19 pandemic hit hard. But our determination was so strong that we decided to adapt and push ahead. This is how 1790 Coffee was born.
Has anything surprised you about starting your food business?
That it can be a long process even though we already had all the tools needed. 
What's been the most exciting part of starting your food business?
Watching our dream come true and sharing the experience with all of the inspiring people we have met along the way.