A Taste Of Nigeria: Fritters And Roast Has Officially Launched!

New product alert! Union Kitchen Member, Oluwatobi (Tobi) Osobukola-Abubu, founder of Fritters and Roast is bringing you the flavors of Nigerian street food with the launch of her pineapple hibiscus and watermelon hibiscus juices. Tobi worked hard with our team to develop her mission, production formulation, and strategy and is now launching a market ready product into Union Kitchen stores

She started her catering business with the mission of promoting the nutritious and vegan quality of simple and delicious traditional Nigerian street foods and sell them in a way that is more accessible to people. After joining our shared kitchen Tobi began working with our team to develop a CPG brand. Tobi is owning her manufacturing, becoming an expert in our shared kitchen. By owning her manufacturing and taking a phased approach to growth, Fritters and Roast is following in the footsteps of many other Union Kitchen success stories including Maspanadas, Snacklins, and Caribe Juice

Tobi's passion for her food in evident in everything she makes. She is a powerhouse, and is excited to be in market! She will now begin working on testing product market fit, getting connected to local customers, and improving her product. She will focus on growing hyper locally, building a solid foundation which will support her eventual regional growth. She is launching with two delicious flavors - pineapple hibiscus and watermelon lime hibiscus. Come quench your thirst with one of Tobi's amazing juices at our Union Kitchen stores!