Food Science with Ohio State University


Food science can be defined as the study of physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food. Food scientists can be thanked for all of the expertise in safe nutrition, by executing research to ensure food practices, from recipes to packaging, are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Food science is a field that is rapidly developing, with the Ohio State Food Science and Technology Department at the forefront. Not only does OSU focus on food research but also shares Union Kitchen's passion for young food businesses and entrepreneurs.

We had the pleasure of hosting OSU FSTD in partnership with Latin American Entrepreneurs for a tour of our two commercial kitchen's in the D.C. area. We discussed our Accelerator and how our members are able to utilize our ecosystem of: Kitchen, Distribution, and Stores. We debuted our new Eckington facility, which will serve as a production space for some of our Phase 3 and Phase 4 brands. It was a pleasure to host our like-minded friends from OSU with Latin American Entrepreneurs!