Professionalism in the Workplace

    Professionalism can be defined as the conduct, aims, and qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person (Merriam-Webster). Professionalism is key to your success in the workplace as it often leads to a high work ethic and reputation. In this Union Kitchen Guide, we’ll discuss how best to display professionalism and impress your coworkers.

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    How to Practice Professionalism

    • Dress Appropriately
    • Present yourself in a professional manner by dressing according to the company policies. You can still do so in a manner that shows your personality and personal style.


    • Work Productively
    • Develop healthy work habits that allow you to meet deadlines on time, manage priorities efficiently, and produce high quality work.


    • Demonstrate Accountability
    • Be honest about your work: give credit where necessary and take credit when deserved. Hold to your promises and work to create high standards for yourself and the company.


    • Communicate Efficiently
    • Communicate regularly with your colleagues (in person and online) to create efficient work habits. Build trusting relationships with others so that no one is afraid to reach out to one another.


    Improving Professionalism

    • Mentors
    • Surround yourself with people who you can trust and who can provide you with honest advice. Ask them how you can improve your professionalism.


    • Role Models
    • Look up to your colleagues who you think exemplify great professionalism. Mirror their professional traits and ask them for advice.


    • Yourself
    • Reflect on your qualities that display professionalism. Practice self-awareness by reflecting on ways you can improve your professionalism.


    Key Takeaways

    Here are things to remember about professionalism.

    • Be Polite Be Productive Be Organized Be a Team Player
    • Be Calm Be Efficient Be Self-Aware
    • Be Honest Be Resilient Be Fair

    Acting professional is critical to your success at the workplace. Luckily, by reading this guide, you place yourself in a great position to succeed. For more helpful guides like, be sure to check out Union Kitchen’s Resource page.