Brazilian Bliss: Gabriela's Brigadeiros Are In Stores!

    Exciting news from the delectable world of chocolate: new Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Gabriela Pollack, the founder of Brigadero Warehouse, is launching her first line of chocolate truffles! This exciting launch is a testament to Gabriela's passion and hard work. Through her work with the Union Kitchen Team, Gabriela developed a vision, mission, and strategy for her brand and launched a market ready product! 

    Gabriela hails from the vibrant and diverse country of Brazil. Growing up there, she developed a deep love for a local treat called Brazilian Brigadeiros. These delectable chocolate truffles, made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles, are a staple at Brazilian celebrations and a beloved indulgence for many. When Gabriela moved to the US, she brought everything she could with her, including her special recipe for Brigadeiros.

    Gabriela had the passion and an idea, now she just had to figure out where to begin. She worked with the Union Kitchen Accelerator to develop her concept, and work through the challenges of scaling manufacturing from making her delicious treats at home for family and friends to filling bigger orders. The team worked with Gabriella to ensure that her truffles maintained their flavor and quality as she scaled to produce for a wider audience.

    Brigadeiro Warehouse can now be found in all five Union Kitchen locations! Gabriela will now focus on connecting with local customers, growing her sales, and ensuring product market fit - in other words, ensuring she is making things people want

    As we savor each Brigadeiro, we're reminded that dreams can become reality. Gabriela will now continue to take a phased approach to growth, first focusing on building a foundation of local support for her brand. She will also continue to perfect her manufacturing process. By following this path Gabriela is following in the footsteps of other rockstar Union Kitchen Accelerator Members that have scaled nationally such as Compass Coffee and Snacklins! So be sure to grab yourself a package of Brigadeiros; we promise your taste buds won't be disappointed.