We Like Poppy's Buns And We Cannot Lie!

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Poppy's Bakery, is getting Lucky (Buns)! Founded by Grant Sarvis and launched in 2016, Poppy's Bakery initially gained popularity with their delicious stuffed bagel holes—a fusion of traditional bagel making and modern convenience. These cream-cheese filled treats quickly won the hearts of customers and became a beloved part of their daily routines.

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 prompted Grant to rethink the company's focus. He saw an opportunity to meet the demand for fresh, delicious local bread, leading to the successful launch of their diverse bread line, featuring brioche, multigrain, focaccia, and more!

Poppy's Bakery services more than 40 restaurants and 150 retailers in the DMV and is just getting started. Grant has become a close partner with Lucky Buns—a popular burger and fried chicken sandwich spot. This partnership marks an exciting chapter in Poppy's Bakery's journey, as Lucky Buns has just opened their biggest location yet at the Wharf. This means that's Poppy's Bread will be in the hands of even more customers. Lucky Buns, renowned for their double-stacked burgers and exciting bar grub, recognized the exceptional quality of Grant's bread. By incorporating Poppy's bread into their menu, Lucky Buns aims to enhance their offerings and create an unforgettable dining experience for their patrons.

By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem Poppy's Bakery has gone from developing a market ready product by creating their delicious bagel bites to building the foundations of a bread empire! The engrained support of the Union Kitchen Accelerator equipped Poppy's with the tools to refine their business model, expand their offerings, and reach a broader customer base.

What's the secret ingredient in Poppy's bread? HUSTLE. Grant and his team work more hours than the clock and do not shy away when new challenges comes knocking. Grant seized the opportunity to pivot and expand his business beyond bagel holes, embracing the demand for fresh bread. The partnership with Lucky Buns further solidifies Poppy's Bakery's growing reputation and showcases their commitment to creating the freshest, and most delicious bread in DC!