Union Kitchen Tasty Tidbits: November Roundup!

🏆Cullen Gilchrist Judges DC Startup Week showcase and competition!

The inaugural DC Startup Week CPG Startup Showcase & Competition showcased the vibrant and innovative community of local CPG entrepreneurs in the DMV area. This event highlighted Union Kitchen as an authority in the CPG world, as Cullen served as a judge for the Showcase & Competition and joined a panel alongside Samy Kobrosly, the founder of Snacklins, where they discussed how to scale your CPG business to $5 million dollars.

😎Duke University Recognizes Liam Frumkin, founder of Ahav, for his entreprenuerial journey!

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member Liam Frumkin, founder of Ahav, was spotlighted in Duke Today, where he shared his inspiring story and journey into entreprenuership. After his first year at Duke, Liam knew he had something special, and needed to know what to do next to make his dream of building a brand a reality - it was time to move to Washington DC to work with the Union Kitchen Accelerator Team! The article states, "Instead of Duke classes, Frumkin had a crash course in product development. With Union Kitchen providing kitchen space, suppliers and expertise, Frumkin learned about recipes, packaging, production scaling and marketing."

💃Margarita Womack, founder of Maspanadas, named Entreprenuer of The Year by Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce! 

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Margarita Womack, founder of Maspandas has been recognized by M&T bank for creating job opportunities and supporting the Hispanic community. Margarita stated, "By investing in our employees and promoting their success, we are contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of the community as a whole. It is very important for me to do my work at MasPanadas, as it allows me to contribute to this meaningful cause while also providing excellent food and services to our customers."