Thinking about the roman empire often? Try pinsas!

Discover the delicious journey of Pinsa Love, founded by Jordan Fainberg, as they introduce their Pepperoni Pinsa—a delightful twist to frozen pizza. Inspired by Pinsa's Roman origins, Jordan aims to share its charm with a wider audience. Overcoming challenges with the support of Union Kitchen, Pinsa Love has crafted a high-quality frozen delight. 

Pinsa, a traditional Roman-style pizza, has its origins deeply rooted in the heart of Italy. The dough, crafted from a blend of wheat and rice flours, gives a Pinsa its distinctive light and airy texture. Pinsa Love's founder, Jordan Fainberg, fell in love with this culinary masterpiece during his travels through Italy. Inspired by his passion for this Roman style of pizza, Jordan decided to bring this hidden gem back with him to the US, thus laying the foundation for Pinsa Love.

Jordan's vision was clear—to share his love for Pinsa with the world. However, turning this dream into reality came with its own set of challenges, especially when it came to creating a frozen version that maintained the quality and taste of freshly baked Pinsa. Frozen pizzas often fall short in delivering the same satisfying experience as their restaurant counterparts.

Jordan solved this problem with the double-baked Pinsa crust! Jordan designed his Pinsas to be double baked, meaning that the customer does the final bake at home to achieve the restaurant-quality feel of his delicious Pinsas.

Enter Union Kitchen, a food business Accelerator in DC that has worked with DC favorites like Compass Coffee, Maspandas, Snacklins and more. Jordan partnered with Union Kitchen's Accelerator and leveraged its ecosystem of Kitchen, Stores, and Distribution to launch their line of frozen Pinsas and scale his manufacturing.

Now, as Pinsa Love celebrates its success, the spotlight is on the much-anticipated Pepperoni Pinsa. A symphony of flavors awaits pizza enthusiasts as Pinsa Love introduces this classic favorite with a Pinsa twist!