A Family legacy: an avid baker and cranberry Carob Granola


From honoring her family's legacy to building a CPG brand, Jamila Jenkins of Donna Faye's Bakery has partnered with Union Kitchen through their Accelerator to launch her Cranberry Carob Granola into the market!

Jamila Jenkins, product manager by day and baker extraordinaire by night, has built her decadent brand from the ground up. She started with events and catering, but wanted to reach even more customers. The answer: her delicious, soft-baked Cranberry Carob granola ready for store shelves!

Jamila Jenkins started and named her business after her late mother, Donna Faye. Growing up, Jamila was always welcomed home by the delicious aromas of her mother and grandmother's cooking. After their passing, Jamila wanted to keep their traditions alive, so she partnered with Union Kitchen to build her business.

Jamila has had to work hard, balancing a growing CPG brand with a full-time job, to make her dreams of honoring her family's legacy come true. She has had to learn how to navigate commercial equipment, where to source packaging, and how to price her products.

As Donna Faye's Bakery launches her Cranberry Carob Granola into the market, she joins the ranks of hundreds of amazing local products sold by Union Kitchen. Going forward, her next challenges will be to scale her manufacturing and to develop more delicious products.