Terracosta: Savoring the Mediterranean with a Dynamic Duo

What do you get when you combine the expertise of a dedicated immigration lawyer and a NASA engineer? The answer may surprise you: Terracosta, a new and exciting company specializing in tiger nut granola and marcona almond butter, bringing the most exquisite Mediterranean flavors to your table.

In a world where snacks can be overcomplicated, Terracosta's gourmet Mediterranean treats are a breath of fresh air. Natalia de Iscar and Iban Ibañez Domenéch's backgrounds and shared love for food make their innovative products an experience. By offering a scrumptious blend of tiger nut granola and marcona almond butter, they are making things people want! 

Terracosta's origins lie in the serendipitous encounter of Natalia an immigration lawyer from Spain's rich interior, and Iban, a NASA engineer from the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Barcelona. Their shared love of food inspired them to create Terracosta. The name itself represents the harmony of their roots – "Terra" signifying the fertile soil of Natalia's homeland and "Costa" embodying the coastal essence of Iban's origins.

Starting a food company from scratch is never easy, but Natalia and Iban were determined to share their passion for Mediterranean flavors with the world. They joined the Union Kitchen Accelerator, a food accelerator that helps companies from launch to scale. The biggest challenge the duo faced was developing the crunchy texture and clusters customers crave when buying granola using tiger nuts. 

Through their hard work with the Union Kitchen Accelerator, Natalia and Iban have taken their conceptual ideas and passion for Terracosta and created a market-ready product. This delectable snack is now available to consumers, who can savor the rich, sun-soaked flavors that make Terracosta an unforgettable culinary journey. Terracosta is in good company with other Union Kitchen Accelerator members like Maspandas, Snacklins, and Compass Coffee, all of whom have achieved impressive valuations exceeding $15 million as DC-based food manufacturing companies.

Building a successful food business takes perseverance and passion; there is no shortage of either among the Union Kitchen Accelerator entrepreneurs. The mixture of Union Kitchen's ecosystem of kitchen, distribution, and retail allows businesses like Terracosta to create a product, develop proof of concept at an accelerated rate, get their product into the market, and sets them up to grow regionally and beyond. Join Natalia and Iban in savoring every bite of Terracosta's delightful treats, and experience the essence of the Mediterranean.