Swizzler Launches With Rainforest Distribution in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions

We want to give a big congratulations to Swizzler for launching their oven-ready fries in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions with Rainforest Distribution!

Swizzler was founded as a business with the goal of making high-quality fast food of the future. Ben Johnson and Jesse Konig met at Wake Forest University where they initially started selling hot dogs on campus. They soon decided to launch a food truck business. They expanded to operating several food trucks before taking on the brick and mortar format as well. Through this rapid success they were able to open up a storefront in the Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, DC. They joined the Accelerator program to make their popular fries available to more consumers throughout the region, while continuing to deliver excellent food to their customers through their other channels.

Accelerator members have access to pitch at quarterly tastings with Rainforest Distribution. Rainforest Distribution is a full-service food and beverage distributor, and has worked with several of Union Kitchen’s Accelerator program member brands to expand distribution capabilities multi-regionally. Swizzler joins this group with excitement as they expand their fries to be sold in retailers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. 

Look for Swizzler’s oven-ready fries in stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions soon. They come in three flavors: Classic, Chesapeake Bay, and Rosemary Garlic. Experience the future of fast food in the comfort of your own home!