Success Story - Pinsa.Love Makes Their Mark with Rainforest Distribution

Congratulations to Pinsa.Love for quickly getting a second purchase order from Rainforest Distribution!

Pinsa.Love founder, Jordan Fainberg, is on a mission to bring pizzeria quality to your kitchen with handcrafted, ready-to-bake Pinsas. Jordan launched his company to solve his own consumer pain point: he could not find delicious, authentic frozen pizza in the market.

Before launching Pinsa.Love, Jordan made a pilgrimage to the town of Massa Marittima in Tuscany to learn how to make artisanal pizza. While there, he discovered Pinsas and immediately fell in love. He spent several weeks learning how to perfect his recipe and decided he would bring back this Italian classic to grocery stores here in the U.S.

Jordan joined our Accelerator program in October of 2020. Since then, he has launched five different flavors of his Pinsas and his Stone Fired pizzas. The Stone Fired pizza is a 14 inch light, crispy, and traditional Neapolitan pizza. These two product lines were such a big hit, they quickly got picked up by Rainforest Distribution!

Rainforest Distribution is a full-service food & beverage distributor with a passion for brand-building. They help brands like Pinsa.Love distribute products throughout the Northeast region. For Jordan’s first purchase order (PO), Rainforest purchased 3 pallets. Immediately following the order, Rainforest put in another PO for an additional 2 pallets! The additional PO clearly shows that Pinsa.Love has achieved product market fit. Because consumers are eager to eat Jordan’s delicious and authentic Pinsas, distributors like Rainforest will also be eager to continue purchasing from Pinsa.Love.

Again, congratulations to Pinsa.Love! We can’t wait to see your continued success.