Sweetkiwi Launches Whipped Frozen Yogurts in Walmart in DC, MD, NJ, and VA

A huge congratulations to Sweetkiwi for launching their whipped frozen yogurts across Walmarts in DC, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia! 

Michael Akindele and Ehime Eigbe founded Sweetkiwi, which makes great tasting and high quality whipped frozen yogurt and granolas. They joined our Accelerator program to grow their brand in the United States after successfully operating numerous frozen yogurt shops in Nigeria, Ehime’s home country. Their goal is to revitalize the frozen dessert category with their products that are healthy in addition to being delicious.


When Sweetkiwi learned about their Walmart launch, they focused on planning for production capacity. They have effectively scaled up over the past few months in order to launch with success. It was difficult to navigate the nuances of the Walmart launch, but they were ready and able to get up to speed quickly. Michael noted how they launched with new packaging, “The new packaging was designed for high visibility in retail stores while highlighting our focus on the combined power of Protein, Prebiotics, and Probiotics creating an ice cream occasion with a superhero cape.” The consumer can indulge in a frozen treat, while benefiting from the carefully selected ingredients. 

With this launch completed, Sweetkiwi is confident that retailers will be taking notice of the innovation they bring to their category and how buyers are excited about the product. Michael noted, “Buyers are excited about Sweetkiwi, which is the first innovation in the frozen yogurt segment in more than a decade. This launch will position Sweetkiwi for rapid growth following a successful proof of concept.”

Look for their whipped frozen yogurt in the frozen desserts aisle at your local Walmart and enjoy the unique experience that is Sweetkiwi.