RUani Reimagines The Brownie Category

After over a decade of being a pastry chef in fine-dining restaurants, five-star hotels, cruise ships, and even a TV show,  it only made sense that Anirudh Mamtora took his pastry skill to the next level by diving into the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) business. Anirudh saw the potential of scaling a CPG and decided to challenge himself by creating his own dessert company, Ruani. Ruani is a “better for you” dessert. Ruani literally means “from the soul” in Tamil. Anirudh chose this name both for its meaning and because it demonstrates the family nature of the business - it combines the first two letters of his wife’s name and the first three letters of his name.


Ruani is launching a line of brownies, but not just regular brownies. Ruani brownies are made with all organic ingredients. They use ashwagandha, a medicinal herb offering many health benefits such as relieving stress and anxiety, and gut-friendly ingredients like avocado oil. Ruani’s ingredients are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free and contain no GMO, no soy, no chemicals, or no junk. Combining these ingredients creates a “better for you,” nutritionally dense brownie. Ruani brownies never compromise on the taste and scrumptiousness of what we all love in a fudgy brownie. Ruani is launching three brownie flavors: Dashing Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, Decadent Coffee, and Delightful Peanut Butter


 Ruani leveraged Union Kitchen to craft the perfect recipe. Anirudh has spent hours testing recipes and nailing down his mouth-watering brownies in our Kitchen. Anirudh initially was challenged to create a shelf-stable brownie. Utilizing our partnership with Ingredion and his decades of pastry experience, he crafted the perfect shelf-stable brownie without sacrificing the moist consistency and decadent, fudgy flavors we all love in a brownie. 


Anirudh noted how Union Kitchen provided Ruani with the tools and expertise to become a successful packaged brownie company. As a result, Anirudh nailed the packaging down right the first time, which is especially important at a time of global supply chain issues.


So what is next for Ruani? Now that Ruani has great quality delectable desserts that bring joy to the taste buds while focusing on gut health, Anirudh will focus on local growth and product market fit. You can find Ruani at all Union Kitchen locations and soon at other retailers near you.