Susosu Launches With Giant Foods Across The Midatlantic

A Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Susosu, is growing! A startup that creates hydrogen-infused mineral water, founded by Jheen Oh and Nadia Lizarazu, the brand is set to launch with Giant Foods across the mid-Atlantic region. This launch is an exciting milestone for Susosu, and it's a testament to the brand's success and innovation.

The story of Susosu started with the founders' desire to create a product that could help people achieve better health and wellness. The founders were fascinated by the benefits of hydrogen-infused water, which has been shown to have antioxidant properties that could help reduce inflammation and improve recovery from exercise.

Jheen and Nadia started experimenting with hydrogen water the result was Susosu, a hydrating and refreshing drink. Union Kitchen, a DC based food business accelerator has helped Susosu take their conceptual ideas and develop a market ready product. By being part of the Accelerator, Susosu has developed a proof of concept and is ready to grow their water business to the next phase.

Now, Susosu is taking a giant leap forward with its launch in Giant Foods. This spring, customers will be able to find Susosu's hydrogen-infused mineral water on the shelves of Giant Foods stores across the Mid-Atlantic. 

This launch is a significant milestone for Susosu and a testament to the brand's commitment to creating innovative and healthy products. The brand's website provides more information about the benefits of hydrogen-infused water, as well as the story behind the brand's creation.

In conclusion, Susosu is a brand that has been built on a desire to help people achieve better health and wellness. With its launch in Giant Foods stores, the brand is poised to reach even more customers and continue to grow its business. As a member of the Union Kitchen Accelerator, Susosu has received valuable support and guidance, and it serves as an inspiration to other food entrepreneurs and local businesses who want to create something innovative and impactful.