Green Island Bakery Is Onboarding With Whole Foods Market!

Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Green Island Bakery, is launching with Whole Foods Market! Green Island Bakery, founded by Caroline Johnston, is on a mission to steal your heart and capture your taste buds with their range of traditional Irish delicacies. 

Caroline Johnston, the visionary behind Green Island Bakery, is a passionate baker driven by her love for her Irish heritage. Growing up in Ireland, she was immersed in the captivating flavors and traditions of Irish baking. With a deep desire to share the taste of Ireland with the world, Caroline embarked on a mission to create a bakery that could capture the essence of Irish culinary treasures. Drawing inspiration from her family's cherished recipes and armed with a determination to preserve authenticity, Caroline founded Green Island Bakery. Her goal was to capture the nostalgia of cooking with her Mother, and share it with others.

Since launching her products with the Union Kitchen Accelerator in 2021, Caroline has been pounding the pavement to get new accounts, build sales, and dominate the regional market. By leveraging the Union Kitchen Ecosystem and owning her own manufacturing, Caroline has built a sturdy foundation on which to build. That hard work is paying off as a pivotal moment in Green Island Bakery's journey has arrived! Whole Foods Market, renowned for their commitment to quality and support of local producers, recognized the exceptional taste and craftsmanship of Green Island Bakery's creations.

Caroline is following in the footsteps of many of Union Kitchen Accelerator Members who have onboarded with Whole Foods, such as Compass Coffee and Snacklins, both of which are valued at over $10 million. Onboarding with a retailer as large and well known as Whole Foods Market is an important milestone for Green Island Bakery and is signaling that their are entering a new and exciting phase of growth. 

Caroline's passion for her Irish heritage and dedication to preserving the authentic flavors of traditional Irish delicacies have paved the way for this remarkable opportunity. Since joining the Union Kitchen Accelerator in 2021, Caroline's relentless efforts to expand her customer base and dominate the regional market have paid off. Being recognized and onboarded by Whole Foods Market, a renowned supporter of local producers, is a significant milestone for Green Island Bakery. It not only validates the exceptional taste and quality of their products, but also opens doors to a new phase of growth and potential success. With Whole Foods Market by their side, Green Island Bakery is poised to capture the hearts and taste buds of a wider audience.