Mas Panadas hits 1800 stores nationwide

Mas Panadas, a food manufacturing company that specializes in delicious and convenient frozen empanadas, has recently hit a new milestone by expanding in 1,800 stores nationwide. 

Mas Pandas was founded by Margarita Womack, with a mission to make real food to fuel real life in the fast lane. Originally coming from a STEM background and a mother of three kids, she understood the difficulties that many face when they want to eat healthy but never seem to have enough time in the day. Using her Colombian roots, experience as a biologist, and a family more than eager to taste test her creations, Margarita launched Mas Panadas in 2017. Mas Panadas has now become a perfect option for all kinds of people, whether they be busy professionals, or just want something delicious. 

Mas Pandas offers a variety of flavors, including chicken, beef, pizza, spinach and mushroom, and vegetable. Made with premium ingredients, authentic recipes, and able to be served in minutes, Mas Pandas are the perfect solution for those that are health conscious with busy schedules.

With the expansion into 1,800 stores, Mas Pandas is now more accessible to customers who are seeking healthy and convenient food options. The company's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their production process, from the selection of ingredients to the cooking methods used.

Mas Pandas joined the Union Kitchen Accelerator in 2017, first as a catering service. The business eventually morphed into the consumer packaged goods realm and now Maspandas can be found all along the East Coast. Maspanadas is manufactured in Rockville, Maryland in two facilities, highlighting the success of a food business owning their own manufacturing. Mas Panadas opened up their first 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility a few years ago as they outgrew their original production capabilities at Union Kitchen. They eventually opened up a second, 12,000 square foot production facility to handle the bulk of their operations. 

Mas Panadas' expansion into 1,800 stores is an exciting development for the company. With their dedication to quality and owning their manufacturing, Maspanadas is poised to become a leading player in the healthy snack and meal industry. If you're looking for a delicious and healthy snack or meal option, be sure to try Mas Panadas' empanadas – they're sure to satisfy your cravings and nourish your body.