Susosu Hydrogen Water Goes Big: Now Available in UNFI Distribution

Susosu Water has recently launched its Hydrogen-Infused Mineral Water into UNFI distribution, the largest specialty national distributor in the United States. This marks a significant milestone for Susosu, as it means access to a much larger set of retailers well beyond the local DC market. 

Susosu Hydrogen-Infused Mineral Water is obtained from a 400 feet underground source, then pressurized and dissolved water molecules are added to increase absorbability. This process allows Susosu Water to deliver high-quality, hydrogen-infused mineral water to their customers promoting faster recovery.

Hydrogen-infused water has been shown to be a potent antioxidant, reducing oxidative stress, inflammation, and promoting overall wellness. Susosu's Hydrogen-Infused Mineral Water is a natural spring water infused with molecular hydrogen, which provides these benefits to consumers.

Jheen Oh and Nadia Lizarazu founded Susosu Water after falling in love with the functional water space. They were fascinated by every element of what made for the perfect hydration source.  Susosu Water initially launched through e-commerce and Jheen and Nadia saw positive feedback coming in from Amazon sales, along with sales from other websites like Walmart Online. Susosu then joined Union Kitchen’s Accelerator in 2022 and since has launched in retailers around the Mid-Atlantic, such as Giant Foods. Jheen and Nadia believe that not all water is created equally and hydration is the best ammunition to set ourselves on this journey to seek excellence. They believe that the best hydration provides energy, a clear mind, and overall wellness. Susosu accomplishes this by providing consumers with a fully functional beverage - hydrogen-infused mineral water.

The launch of Susosu Hydrogen-Infused Mineral Water into UNFI distribution is an exciting development for both the company and an eager set of core consumers. With its growing popularity and extensive distribution network, it's only a matter of time before Susosu Hydrogen-Infused Mineral Water becomes a staple in the hydration market.